LAST spot in DREAM day care in Barrie

DREAM is a magical home day care with 20 years of experience


DREAM Daycare is every child’s and parent’s dream!

DREAM is a magical place for children, where each child receives personal attention in a loving home atmosphere.

DREAM Daycare is managed by Luda
She is an experienced early childhood educator for over 20 years and has been working with children of all ages. Luda is a warm, loving and dedicated teacher
The kindergartens she manages are taken to new and exciting directions.
She has plenty of educational initiatives and innovative ideas for experiential activities and to encourage processes of learning and enquiry that are challenging and age-appropriate, and are adjusted to each child’s personal development stage.

Our loving, supportive and personal approach to each child increases self-esteem and confidence

We have a unique work plan

Meaningful learning and experiential activities in various fields: movement, art, cognitive, social and emotional, language and communication

We offer an enriching and challenging educational environment to match the child’s development

We provide hot, healthy, fresh and nutritious home-cooked meals

Daycare available 6 am – 6 pm
24/7 is optional

Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian



We make sure the learning is meaningful, and it includes experiential activities to stimulate all five senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

At DREAM Daycare the children are active, they investigate, sing, dance, create, and, of course – they make dreams come true!


At DREAM daycare toddlers learn in a small group, in a loving home atmosphere where each child receives personal attention and support.

The educational environment is organized in a way the matches the child’s development and enables each child to find answers for his or her own wants and needs in various fields.

During the day the children will play and act freely in different areas of the kindergarten, and also have a period when all meet together.

The children dance, sing and interact with a variety of accessories, play games and listen to stories.


At DREAM Daycare each baby’s wants and needs are answered – regarding nutrition, sleep-time, and activity time.

Each baby sleeps in his or her own bed.

While awake, the babies are active on the activity mat, in the “university” or in the yard.

They listen to various styles of music and experience activities of many types, with the teacher singing, dancing, and playing with the babies, using toys and accessories that contribute to their motoric and cognitive development in accordance with each baby’s development stage.


Kindergarten Breakfast
Breakfast includes a variety of sandwiches, vegetables, eggs or tuna salad
Sandwiches: cream cheese / hummus / tehina / tuna / cottage cheese
French toast / omelet / hardboiled egg
cucumber / tomato / green olives / green/red pepper / pickles / corn
green cabbage / red cabbage / chopped vegetables
Starting at age 2½ the meal is served buffet-style and the child can pick his or her own sandwich ingredients
Older children receive seasonal fruit, including bananas, apples, pears, orange or clementine, watermelon or melon, as well as morning cereals.
Meal time is 10 to11 am; similar food is offered as an afternoon snack at 4 pm.

First course – Soup
Main course – vegetables, meat and a carbohydrate side-dish
vegetable / chicken noodle / bean / lentil / tomato / corn
chicken / beef-turkey-chicken meatballs / schnitzel
mix / carrot / peas / zucchini / cabbage / cauliflower /squash
couscous / rice / Israeli couscous / pasta / potato / sweet potato
For infants, the older kids’ food is pureed daily into soup as appropriate for their age

Afternoon Snack (4 pm)
Sandwich and fruit
Cheese and/or tehina and/or tuna and/or hummus and/or chocolate spread
Infants receive pureed fruit

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